Earthmoving & Construction

Wheels for Dump trucks, Wheel loaders, Graders, Excavators, Backhoe, Trenching machines, Skid steer site vehicles etc.

Dump truck wheels from 25inch to 63 inch multi piece demountable and centred wheels
Wheel loader wheels 1piece, 3 piece & 5 piece wheels from 15inch to 63inch centred wheels
Grader wheels in 1piece, 3piece & 5piece to suit all Grader manufactures specifications.
Rubber Tyred Excavators 1 to 5 piece wheels, 20inch to 33inch wheels.
Backhoe wheels from 15 inch to 28 inch. Asphalt roller wheels.


Trenching machines Backhoe 1 to 5 piece wheels from 10inch to 35inch wheels
Skid Steer wheels to suit all manufactures specifications, wheels from 12inch to 18inch, larger
sizes available if required.



Wheels for loaders, conveyers, drills, Hammers etc.
Underground loader wheels from 20inch to 35inch 2, 3 or 5 piece wheels.
Conveyer wheels 20inch 2 piece, 22.5 tubeless & 25inch multi piece wheels.
Transport wheels for underground drills & hammers, 20inch to 25inch 2 pieces, 3 pieces & 5 pieces


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