Mag & Steel wheel repairs

We offer an extensive repair and rebuild service for damaged mag wheels.

Adelaide Wheel & Rim Works have been repairing wheels for over 80 years.
Over the years we have developed the expertise in repairing all types of wheels, aluminium, alloy combination multi piece and steel wheels.
Simmons and ROH multi piece wheels repaired or altered rim width sections.


Damaged car, bus, truck, trailer wheels.
We have a dedicated workshop area and team that repair, modify and refurbish alloy and steel wheels.

Wheels that have buckles or bent rim edges require repairing. If they are not repaired quickly the tyres fitted to the wheels will wear uneven and then become unsafe.

  • Gutter damage,
  • Rerolling bent rims,
  • Repairing damaged rim edges,
  • Repairing cracks in rims,
  • Polishing,
  • Painting and clear coating of wheels
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Wheel finishes

Whatever the colour of finish is on the wheel we can duplicate the finish or change the colour to suit your requirement.

All wheels that require painting are first alkaline stripped of paint, then 2 pak primed then sanded. Painted in 2pak base coat then clear coated and baked to a hard finish, ensuring a shiny and long lasting lustre

We recommend all wheels we repair and polish are clear coated after polishing. This ensures the shine of the polished wheel lasts for years of service. Eliminating the need for expensive regular repolishing

Restoration of wheels.

Repairs and restoration of classic steel and mag wheels is our speciality.
Aluminium wheels polished, painted then clear coated for longer shine.

Wheel conversions

Conversion of 14inch steel car wheels to 15inch.
Rim widening 13”, 14”, 15” & 16” steel wheels.
We can arrange for your restored steel wheels to be Chrome plated or painted in your preferred colour
13 X 6”, 14 X 7 & 8” Holden and Ford wheels made to order
15 x 7”, 8”and 10” wide Holden and Ford wheels made to order
Customer’s wheels can be converted to the above sizes by using their existing centres.

Steel Wheels

Adelaide Wheel & Rim can supply a comprehensive range of steel wheels to suit Cars Utilitys trailers Caravans etc.

In black, 13 X 4.5 HR, 14 x 5”, 6” HT& HQ Holden 5 stud pattens,
Ford 5 X 14” 6 X 14”

Mine spec 4WD White wheels in 7.00 X 16”  
14”15”16” & 17” wheels, White 4WD wheels, 16 &17” in black and silver

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