OTR Wheel & Rim testing and Certification

For Mining, Construction, Earthmoving and Industrial wheel assemblies

We offer an in-house wheel examination, checking and testing service.
OTR Wheel & Rim assemblies are subjected to forces and loads that can cause fatigue within the wheel material. This can in some situations if not detected lead to loss in tyre pressure or complete failure of the rim or wheel assembly affecting the safety of personnel in the area, damage to the equipment and down time.

All rims and wheel assemblies should be examined visually regularly and inspected on a schedule, designed to suit the site and work applications of the wheels.
All components including Bead seat band, Side rings and Lock ring should be inspected.

The inspection process includes but is not limited to:
  • Visual inspection for mechanical and or wear damage
  • Visual and dimensional inspection of rim inner diameter
  • Visual and dimensional inspection of rim outer diameter
  • Visual and dimensional inspection of rim centre nave if fitted
  • Visual and dimensional inspection of rim components
  • MPI the Front Gutter section- Lock ring groove, O Ring groove Shoulder
  • MPI Rear Section – Landing, Knelled section, shoulder, Pry bar area
  • MPI centre to rim welds and stud holes
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection of all welds internal and external.

All wheels and rims received for testing are first cleaned, visually inspected. Grit blast whole wheel, visually inspected again then Magnetic Particle tested. The test results are then sent to the customer.

All wheels & rims tested before repairs or modification are performed are retested after repairs have been completed to ensure there are no floors in new welds etc.

In accordance with AS4457. 1-2007 Off – Highway rims and wheels – Maintenance and Repairs,

Adelaide Wheel and Rim Works and its personnel adhere to all procedures, as per Australian Standards set out below for the inspection and repair of rims and wheel assemblies.


Magnetic Particle Testing AS1171-198
Repairs AS4457. 1-2007
Welding procedures AS1554.5
Grit blasting AS1627.4 or equivalent class 2.5


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